We tailor our services & business models for each individual client in either outsourced or consultancy mode

The business model offered by M.A Consulting, includes the tailoring of a comprehensive service package for each and every technology vendor, telecom, financial or government institution.

These services consist of consulting (technology), consulting (business), business development, marketing, sales & project management. The objective of these services is to achieve our clients goals. These goals vary, especially in todays dynamic reality. For a technology vendor the goal may be to penetrate target markets and key accounts expediently, cost effectively and successfully. On the other hand a financial or government entity may require an evaluation or gap analysis prior to implementing a new technology.

Business development & sales arm for global hi tech companies

Trusted advisor for government, telecom & financial organizations

Mentor for innovative start up companies across the globe

M.A. Consulting supports both strategic and tactical objectives, supporting your organization’s growth while offering flexible solutions to the changing market demands.

Established in 2004 by Martin Almog, M. A. Consulting is a well known and respected company with an impressive list of prestigious clients.