Focusing On
Focusing On
Information Technologies

Working with technology companies and helping them grow their business in the European market.

Focusing on Business Development

M. A. Consulting is focused on working with technology companies, and helping them grow their business in the European market. Our staff is made up multi-disciplinary professionals, with experience and knowledge in both technological and business aspects of Information Technologies and Telecommunication markets. We leverage this expertise on your behalf, in order to increase your sales and business success.

Business development & sales arm for global hi tech companies

Trusted advisor of government, telecom & financial organizations for innovative technological solutions

Mentor for innovative start up companies

Success In Any Market

Business focus and time-to-market are essential for success in any market, and even more so in today’s global and extremely competitive economy. M. A. Consulting’s services are very relevant to this business environment. Our seasoned and proven business professionals provide you with the right access to leading European markets, and provide you that extra edge to get out there: quickly, cost effectively, and successfully!

We work closely with telecom, financial & government organizations, as their trusted advisor. We propose, evaluate & recommend technology vendors & innovative solutions in order to meet their business, security or other goals

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